How To Get Media Coverage For Your Business In 2022

Today we are going to consider three effective PR tools that can help you secure publicity in both B2B and B2C media outlets.

1. Survey and analytics

This is a PR tool that enables brands to produce interesting and engaging content for their target audience. Even if your company has no news at the moment, internal analytics and surveys can be interesting for the market and, by extension, for the media.

Criteria for this type of content:

  • Strong correlation with business expertise — you should only talk about things your team are experts in

  • Cutting-edge topics, new information that's important for the market

  • The survey fits with the media agenda — this piece of information should be worth reading and sharing at the particular period of time

  • Unique polls conducted recently especially for sharing

If you can reach 1,000-1,500 participants on your website, social media pages or through the mailing list, that is enough for a poll. If you do not, then it's better to find the respondents on the special survey platforms — they will help you to gain the number of answers you need.

According to our experience, almost any business has data: numbers or users to create an interesting analysis or a survey.

Please find the examples of surveys featured in the media: Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Google, Samsung.

2. Byline

A column written on behalf of the company spokesperson (business leader) can take the form of a single guest post or a regular blog page on the company website.

Criteria for this type of content:

  • author of the column is an expert in the field he or she is talking about,

  • byline is a unique piece of writing (not a rewrite of other materials) and is based on the spokesperson's experience,

  • the column contains practical recommendations for the reader and features smart brand integratio

A column is a tool that helps to build the personal brand and to promote the brand's business goals and values.

As for the spokesperson, it's better to choose the founder/owner of the business or one of the top managers. However, in some cases companies hire outside experts to talk publicly on their behalf to cover unique topics — for example, it makes sense for a medtech startup to hire a physician or a therapist to cover the relevant topics for health media.

In any case, ask your PR pro to organize the media training for the key spokesperson. The team at WB Communications can also assist you with this task as well as with the others mentioned here.

Please find the examples of bylined columns featured in the media: Forbes, Inc, Business Insider

3. Testing

One more option to get media coverage is to give your product or service for testing to the editors. The range of products is wide; it could be anything from an automotive brand, hair care products, hotels and resorts, to health check-ups and much more.

Choose the editor who writes on the subject that correlates to your business and tell them about your product, offering to provide it for a tryout for some weeks or a month. And if the editor likes the brand, they will share their feedback at the media outlet.

Please find the examples of testing feedback featured in the media: Cosmetics, Vogue Arabia, Things.

Obviously, these are not the only PR tools available on the market, but they are the most efficient and relevant to different lines of business. When doing PR in 2022, it's important to be the newsmaker and to help media outlets generate great content.

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